CTM Associates, Inc.
Search Partners in Technology Recruiting

 We work closely with our clients

In order to be successful, we must first understand our clients business from a technical and operational perspective, once we have that data, we can truly add value to the talent acquisition process. Prior to accepting a search assignment we must first fully understanding our client's staffing needs (both short and long term) so that we can effectively present those opportunities to our audience.

Even the best companies who offer superior professional growth and opportunity need help to market and advertise their job opportunities. By understanding the market and maintaining communication with a select group of candidates, CTM Search Partners is able to become a virtual advertising agent for our client's most important job opportunities.

Our Search Methodology

  • Identifying and interviewing  only the most appropriate candidates for a specific role
  • Understanding a person’s goals and objective as it related to their job search, and earning their trust
  • respect , communicating as an extension of the company, not as a headhunter
  • Understanding our client's business and staffing requirements as well as the technical challenges associated with each role.
  • Following a well defined process including research, networking, interviewing referencing and candidates
  • presentation to the end client.

Client Benefits

  • Completely scalable depending on needs
  • Single point of contact allows for personal presentation and external branding
  • Services yield long-term renewable benefits; candidates become part of external advocate pool
  • Company and positions represented with consistent messaging
  • Positions are marketed proactively as opposed to a broad brush telemarketing approach

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