CTM Associates, Inc.
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Applicant Development takes Discretion, Time & Resources

You cannot create a high return on investment doing what others are already doing...Innovation is the only way to survive

Reasons to outsource your acute staffing needs

An independent source is an ally to an individual being brought a legitimate career opportunity and is perceived as an unbiased advocate.

A third party has latitude & access beyond that of a corporate Human

Resource professional or a hiring manager.

We offer time-sensitive, job-specific candidate development, taking in to consideration your culture, location& other intangibles as well as your technical requirements.


Over the last ten years, we have managed to develop a robust database   of Medical Device and Engineering professionals ranging from entry level thru Vice President and Executive level.  By engaging CTM Search Partners, you are gaining access to a very broad referral network of specific talents and experiences. 

 As a client, you will have indirect access to thousands of local and targeted candidates with no additional costs.

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