Providing creative permanent staffing solutions since 1998

Scalable solutions depending on your needs

 Even the best companies who offer superior professional growth need help to market and advertise their job opportunities 

Scalable solutions depending on your needs

 Even the best companies who offer superior professional growth need help to market and advertise their job opportunities 

About Us

Our Approach

  Our firm is unique in that we take a longer term outlook with client companies and work towards a partner based relationship rather than other traditional contingency based firms that very rarely put the effort into truly understanding the needs of a growing company.   


Engaging a third-party to assist you in staffing an acute or discreet hiring need is often the most efficient, productive and cost-effective method at your disposal. Few sourcing methods will yield successful results faster than a professional recruiting firm whose technology focus is compatible with your industry. 

Our Value


Applicant Development takes Discretion, Time & Resources which may not always be available .

You cannot create a high return on investment doing what others are already doing...Innovation is the only way to survive and partnering with a competent firm can deliver that return.

Why outsource your acute staffing needs?

  • An independent source is an ally to an individual being brought a legitimate career opportunity and is perceived as an unbiased advocate. 
  • A third party has latitude & access beyond that of a corporate Human Resource professional or a hiring manager.
  • We offer time-sensitive, job-specific candidate development, taking in to consideration your culture, location and other intangibles as well as your technical requirements.

Our Markets and Positions

Our areas of focus for over twenty years has been Medical Device, Automation, Robotics, Engineering Design and the Defense Industry.

We have filled hundreds of positions in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Quality,  Software, Manufacturing) Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain at a range of levels from Staff level to Vice President.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

In order to be successful, we must first understand our clients business from a technical and operational perspective, once we have that data, we can truly add value to the talent acquisition process. Prior to accepting a search assignment we must first fully understanding our client's staffing needs (both short and long term) so that we can effectively present those opportunities to our audience.

Even the best companies that offer superior professional growth and opportunity need help to market and advertise their job opportunities to reach the most desirable  candidates for their roles.

By understanding the market and maintaining communication with a select group of candidates, CTM Associates is able to become a virtual advocate for our client's most important job opportunities. 

Our Search Methodology 

Identifying and presenting the most appropriate candidates for a specific role 

Understanding a person’s goals and objective as it relates to their job search, earning their trust and helping each candidate navigate the search process.

Treating each person with respect  and communicating as an extension of the client company, not as a "headhunter"

Understanding our client's business and staffing requirements as well as the technical challenges associated with each role.

Following a well defined process including research, networking, interviewing referencing and candidates presentation to the end client.